29 Fun Things to Do in Hawaii with Kids: The Best, Family-Friendly, Attractions!

The Hawaiian Islands are the ideal holiday spot for families because of their miles of unspoiled beaches, beautiful blue waters filled with marine life, active volcanoes, and vibrant luaus.

Even though taking a trip with kids can occasionally be difficult, with planning, you can have a wonderful time in this incredible tropical paradise.

There are so many kid-friendly restaurants and Hawaiian-themed activities in Hawaii that it will be difficult for kids to complain about boredom.

Make sure to put these family-friendly activities in Hawaii on your list when organizing your schedule so you can create lifelong memories.

  1. Maui Ocean Center, Maui

Hawaii’s finest family attractions include the Maui Ocean Center, one of the top 10 aquariums in the world.

At this aquarium with several senses, your kids will feel like they’ve waded into the deep.

There is a never-ending variety of Hawaiian marine life on the show, including sharks, vibrant fish, sea turtles, stingrays, and much more.

There are several excursions and interactions.

On the Behind the Scenes Tour, you can visit the Aquarium Lab, or in the 3D sphere and exhibit for the Humpbacks of Hawaii, you can virtually interact with humpback whales.

There are plenty of facilities and on-site dining options, so you won’t have to worry about running out of food mid-day.

Visit the aquarium’s gift shop after your exploration is over to pick up some lovely keepsakes to take home.

  1. Pearl Harbor Tours, Oahu

If you want to visit Oahu while on vacation, check out Pearl Harbor Tours, Hawaii’s top tourist attraction and most popular family activity.

As you tour Pearl Harbor, tell your kids about one of history’s most important moments.

You will be able to understand what transpired on the crucial day that brought the United States into World War II with your children.

Each tour starts with a brief documentary highlighting the Pearl Harbor attack.

You can go to The USS Arizona Memorial, a Navy battleship that sank during the Japanese invasion, after the movie. It can accommodate 145 passengers.

  1. Valley Isle Excursions, Maui

Check out the Valley Isle Excursions if you’re wondering what to do in Hawaii with kids when visiting Maui.

One of the world’s most breathtaking drives, the Road to Hana, will be your route throughout your excursion.

Several other tours, including the Road to Hana Tour, are available from Valley Isle Excursions.

You’ll see panoramic vistas of rocky cliffs rising above azure waters, lush jungles, glittering waterfalls, and much more throughout your journey.

The journey has various stops, including the Keanae Peninsula, Hana Bay, and the black sand beaches at Waianapanapa.

  1. KapohoKine Adventures, Big Island Hawaii

Another of the best family-friendly activities in Hawaii is KapohoKine Adventures, located on the Big Island.

KapohoKine is undoubtedly an excursion you and your family won’t forget, offering a range of small group adventure trips that include the Kilauea Volcano, beautiful tropical rainforests, and gushing waterfalls.

Hilo and Kona are the two places from which tours leave.

The Pana’ewa Rainforest Zoo, the only tropical rainforest zoo in the nation, as well as stunning beaches, waterfalls, Kilauea Volcano, and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, are all included on Hilo trips.

  1. Sea Paradise Sailing and Snorkeling Tours, Big Island Hawaii

A Sea Paradise Sailing and Snorkeling Tour lets you explore the stunning Kona Coastline and get up and personal with the diverse marine life that calls the Kealakekua Bay off the Big Island home.

There are numerous tours available.

There are four options: a Manta Ray Night Snorkel, a Sunset Manta Ray Snorkel, and an Afternoon Snorkel Tour.

Your family will sail on the Hokulani, a 45-foot sailing trimaran, regardless of your chosen tour.

  1. Atlantis Submarines Maui, Maui

Atlantis Submarines Maui is perfect for families visiting Maui to enjoy with young children, school-aged kids, and teenagers.

It’s ranked among the top Hawaiian attractions for kids of all ages for a good reason—it’s an exhilarating adventure.

You descend 100 feet below the surface during this unique experience off the coast of Maui.

While traveling in an advanced submarine, you will get the opportunity to witness a variety of marine life, tropical reefs, and even sunken ships.

  1. Atlantis Submarines, Oahu

On an Atlantis Submarines expedition, families visiting Oahu may also explore the underwater environment.

You will descend 100 feet below the water’s surface off the Waikiki coast on an advanced submarine.

From one of the numerous large portholes throughout the submarine, you may observe schools of vibrant tropical fish, green sea turtles, eels, and many other aquatic life forms, including sharks.

  1. Skyline Hawaii, Maui

Skyline Hawaii on the island of Maui is a definite must-see for families looking for an adrenaline experience.

It provides many kid-friendly, entertaining activities.

Skyline Hawaii in Maui, the first zipline company in the US, provides a variety of zipline tours.

They offer several trips like The Kaanapali 8-Line Adventure, the Kannapali 11-Line Adventure, the Haleakala 5-Line Adventure Tour, the Haleakala Classic Sunrise Tour, the Waterfall Hike, and the Zip Tour.

Qualified professionals lead all trips and provide safety equipment and instruction.

  1. Fair Wind, Big Island Hawaii

On a Fair Wind snorkel trip, journey up the Kona Coast of the Big Island and explore the revered Kealakekua Bay.

The snorkel tours offered by Fair Wind are among the best in Hawaii and are perfect for families.

An experienced crew is in charge of the excursion, and they will give you snorkeling equipment.

Take the morning snorkel trip, including a BBQ with various meals, or the afternoon snorkel cruise if you’d prefer a shorter adventure.

  1. Atlantis Submarines Kona, Big Island

On Hawaii’s Big Island, near Kona, Atlantis Submarines also provides underwater excursions.

Dive down 100 feet and discover the variety of animals that live on a 25-acre natural coral reef.

Book a Whale Watch and Undersea Adventure Combo to get the most excitement for your family. This expedition includes a submarine trip under the sea and a trip to see humpback whales.

Alternatively, you can reserve the Royal Kona Resort Luau Combo, which combines an authentic Hawaiian luau with an underwater adventure.

  1. Dole Plantation, Oahu

It began as a fruit shop in the 1950s is now one of Hawaii’s most popular tourist spots.

You may learn more about the pineapple, one of Hawaii’s most cherished crops, at the Dole Plantation.

A Pineapple Express Train Tour, a Plantation Garden Tour, and the Pineapple Maze, one of the giant mazes in the world, are just a few of the family-friendly pursuits available.

  1. Star of Honolulu, Oahu

Take one of Hawaii’s top sunset dinner cruises on the Star of Honolulu.

This luxurious sailboat can accommodate 1,500 passengers and provides a feast fit for a king.

A buffet, a 3-course dinner, a 5-course supper, and a Captain’s Welcome Reception are just a few options.

The ship is excellent for families, as well as the food.

  1. Kauai Plantation Railway, Kauai

Travel the 105 acres of the Kilohana Plantation by genuine passenger train.

During this narrated tour, you’ll discover the background of the plantation and get a chance to observe the beautiful surroundings, which include more than 50 different kinds of fruit trees, vegetable fields, and tropical flowers.

You will have the opportunity to disembark the train and feed goats, sheep, cows, horses, and wild pigs by hand.

  1. Hawaiian Journey, Oahu

Through Hawaiian Journey, kids will learn more than you imagine, making Hawaii exciting.

In Hawaiian Journey’s multisensory cinematic experience, learn about Hawaii’s rich culture and history.

Explore a tropical paradise, participate in interactive games, and attend a classic luau with a feast fit for a king or queen.

During a visit to the Polynesia Village, you can learn about Hawaii’s past.

Learn how to catch fish with or without a net, participate in engaging ancient games, and dance like a Polynesian!

These are only a few fun activities your children can participate in at Hawaiian Journey on Oahu.

  1. Dolphin Quest – Oahu, Oahu

Swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Quest for a memorable experience the whole family will never forget.

Family members will undoubtedly appreciate this engaging experience within the Kahala Hotel & Resort.

Numerous programs are available that are great for kids.

The Wee Family, Fins, and Fun program is the most fantastic option for younger kids.

Children aged 5 to 9 are the target audience for The Kids’ Aquatic Adventure.

The entire family will appreciate the personalized experience of the Family Swim Program.

The Oahu Premier Experience is the best option for families with three children.

Consider the Dolphin Adventure program if you want to spend the most time in the water with dolphins.

In one Oahu Marine Mammal Trainer class, your kids can also learn how to train marine mammals.

  1. Ka Moana Luau, Waimanalo

Unique waterfront dinner theater Ka Moana Luau offers a tropical-themed banquet and skilled Polynesian dancers.

This magnificent display is being presented in the Sea Life Park Hawaii, a top marine park.

With colorful décor and eye-catching decorations, it offers top-notch entertainment suitable for families.

You can also participate in enjoyable hobbies like making lei, weaving headbands, taking hula lessons, and other pastimes.

Additionally, it offers a variety of packages, including the Moana Celebrity.

The packages include a buffet supper, a keepsake photo, a free welcome Mai Tai, and more.

The Moana Classic is your best bet if you want a less expensive experience.

Your family will have the opportunity to participate in cultural activities, have an excellent buffet meal, gain access to the marine park, and more.

  1. U.S. Army Museum Of Hawaii, Honolulu

The U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii, sometimes known as HAMS, is a museum with an army theme that opened its doors in 1976.

It is located in Post Randolph, Fort DeRussy, a former coastal artillery battery.

Take your kids on tour with a welcoming and knowledgeable guide for a fun and enlightening experience.

See items like World War II-era armor, helicopters, vintage photos, uniforms, weapons, and other military gear.

Additionally, you can discover more about Hawaiian Warfare and the Vietnam War and witness Medal of Honor recipients at the Gallery of Heroes exhibition.

  1. Kahuku Farms, Kahuku

About ten years ago, Kahuku Farms, a supermarket and restaurant, opened its doors.

It comprises a downstairs smoothie bar and an above cafe providing elegantly presented dishes made using locally grown food.

Indulge in a casual dinner here with your family to renew your energies.

Try foods like paninis, salads, homemade soup, garlic bread, and more.

A menu for children 12 and younger are also available, including cheese pizza and grilled PB&J banana sandwiches.

Additionally, it features a store where you can purchase items like Hawaiian-made chocolates, materials for dishes, bath goods, and more.

  1. USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park, Honolulu

A US Navy Balao-class submarine was transformed into a museum in 1981 and is now known as the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park.

Consider going to this destination when searching for kid-friendly, informative, and entertaining activities.

It provides STEM activities for your kids so they can learn new things in a fun way.

They can access various interactive games, scavenger hunts, workshops, staff-led demos, and more.

  1. CLIMB Works Keana Farms Zipline, Kahuku

The CLIMB Works Keana Farms Zipline is perfect for bringing your seven and older kids.

It is a 3-hour guided ziplining experience with distances ranging from 500 feet to half a mile, set against stunning seaside scenery.

You can go zip-lining, rappelling, traverse sky bridges, ride an ATV, take innumerable photos, and engage in other enjoyable activities while visiting this place.

  1. USS Arizona Memorial, Honolulu

Established in May 1962, the USS Arizona Memorial is an important historical site.

It is a part of the Pearl Harbor National Memorial and draws over two million visitors yearly.

The USS Arizona was the ultimate burial place for 1,102 soldiers who died in the Pearl Harbor attack while serving aboard the ship.

Take part in activities including seeing a 23-minute documentary film, taking an informative tour, taking a gorgeous boat ride to a historic landmark, and more.

You can explore the rest of the Pearl Harbor National Memorial after visiting the famous location and take part in activities like cutting-edge virtual reality experiences, among many other things.

  1. Still & Moving Center

Join your older children in a Still & Moving Center dance lesson to get your groove on.

Learn many dance styles, including belly dancing, modern, and Hawaiian hula.

You can also take other classes, such as yoga, meditation, martial arts, and so on, based on their availability.

Your more minor children will appreciate the hula stories, aerial dancing, and other fun activities that it has to offer.

  1. Kahilu Theatre Foundation, Waimea

The shopping center Parker Ranch Center has a performing arts theater called the Kahilu Theatre Foundation.

It can accommodate 490 people and features cutting-edge audio-visual technology, plush chairs, and family-friendly programming.

You may catch fascinating plays, ballets, dance recitals, musicals, concerts, and other outstanding performances here.

In the summer, it also provides a summer camp for your kids.

Your children can participate in acting, dance, and music theory classes.

  1. Kahua Ranch, Waimea

The 1928-founded Kahua Ranch is a stunning functioning ranch surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery.

It offers a variety of activities, such as horseback riding and ATV riding.

Additionally, it advertises packages for weddings and other special events.

Enjoy your outdoor excursion and enjoy endless views of stunning coasts, towering mountains, and green pastures.

Take lots of shots of the beautiful surroundings and grazing sheep and cows.

  1. Anelakai Adventures, Kailua-Kona

Are you looking for enjoyable and distinctive kids’ activities in Hawaii?

Then, reserve a package with Anelakai Adventures and embark on a breathtaking tour with your companion.

Spend an exciting day kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling with manta rays, and more with your two and older kids.

It also provides land-based activities like stargazing, hiking volcanoes, ziplining, and other fantastic options.

  1. Lyon Arboretum, Honolulu

The lovely Lyon Arboretum is a 200-acre botanical garden.

It features approximately 2,000 species of trees, over 6,000 different plant taxa, and an artificial lowland tropical rainforest.

Visit this stunning site and take your family on a natural retreat.

Take part in activities like birdwatching, hiking amid beautiful vegetation, and photography with the backdrop of magnificent scenery.

  1. Ho’okipa Beach Park

Do you want to know if Hawaii is enjoyable for kids of different ages?

You should proceed to Ho’okipa Beach Park to learn more.

Numerous amenities, including picnic sites, pavilions, an observation deck, and more, can be found along this gorgeous stretch of coastline.

Making sandcastles together, burrowing them in the smooth sand, playing ball or frisbee, picnicking, and watching skilled surfers do tricks in the distance are great ways to establish enduring memories with your kids.

  1. Surfing Goat Dairy, Kula

The Surfing Goat Dairy Farm, a 42-acre dairy farm that opened its doors in 1998, offers a variety of family-friendly activities.

Depending on your package, you can participate in activities like milking, stroking, and engaging with the goats, taking a tour with a local expert, discovering how they make the region’s award-winning cheese and more.

  1. Hana Highway

The Hana Highway, sometimes referred to as The Road to Hana, is a popular tourist destination and a stunning road around 64.4 miles long.

One of the best family activities in Hawaii is taking the kids on an exciting road trip while singing and enjoying tasty goodies.

It offers breathtaking ocean vistas, majestic mountains, rich vegetation, idyllic beaches, historical landmarks, and much more.