38 Classroom Pets You’ll Want to Take Home


Classroom pets have become an increasingly popular teaching tool that promote responsibility, empathy, and learning in a fun and interactive way. With so many students falling in love with the animals they care for at school, it’s no wonder that some of these small critters find their way into our hearts and homes. Here are 38 classroom pets that you’ll want to take home after just one day of learning together!

1. Guinea Pigs

2. Hamsters

3. Gerbils

4. Mice

5. Rats

6. Rabbits

7. Ferrets

8. Hedgehogs

9. Chinchillas

10. Sugar Gliders

11. Bearded Dragons

12. Leopard Geckos

13. Corn Snakes

14. Ball Pythons

15. Milk Snakes

16. Turtles (e.g., Painted Turtles)

17. Tortoises (e.g., Russian Tortoises)

18. Frogs (e.g., African Dwarf Frogs)

19. Toads (e.g., American Toads)

20. Salamanders (e.g., Axolotls)

21. Newts (e.g., Fire-Bellied Newts)

22. Hermit Crabs

23. Fiddler Crabs

24.Sea Monkeys (Artemia)

25.African Cichlid Fishes

26.Rosy Red Minnows


28.Betta Fish


30.Planted Aquariums with Shrimp (e.g., Cherry Shrimp)

31.Ants (Ant Farm)

32.Fruit Flies (Fruit Fly Culture)

33.Butterflies (Butterfly Garden Kit)

34.Prey Mantis (Praying Mantis Egg Case & Habitat Kit)

35.Ladybugs (Ladybug Land)

36.Earthworms (Worm Farm)

37.Water Bears (Tardigrades)

38.Honeybees (Observation Hive)


With so many different classroom pets to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your class and teaching style. Not only do these pets provide an engaging and interactive way for students to learn about responsibility, empathy, and biology, they’ll also make you the most popular teacher in school! So go ahead, pick one of these fantastic creatures to bring some excitement and wonder into your classroom – you might just find yourself wanting to take them home with you.