ATD xAPI Workshop (Held In Conjunction With TechKnowledge )

Advanced Training Design (ATD) has recently announced an exciting workshop that will be held in conjunction with their TechKnowledge conference. The workshop is centered around xAPI (Experience API), a hot topic for many learning and development professionals.

xAPI is a standard that allows for the collection of data regarding the wide range of experiences a person has when learning both online and offline. This technology is crucial for those looking to understand learning experiences more deeply and use data to improve learning outcomes.

The ATD xAPI Workshop offers a comprehensive deep dive into the technology behind xAPI and its practical applications. It’s aimed at instructional designers, e-learning developers, and training managers who are seeking to innovate by incorporating advanced technology into their strategies.

Participants can expect to engage in an interactive learning environment where they will explore the fundamentals of xAPI. First, they will grasp how xAPI works fundamentally—the structure of statements, actor-verb-object model, and the Learning Record Store (LRS) concept. Then, attendees will witness actual case studies demonstrating how xAPI has been effectively utilized in real-world training scenarios, providing them with concrete examples of implementation.

After covering the basics, the workshop will tackle more advanced topics such as setting up proper infrastructure for leveraging xAPI data, ensuring security and privacy compliance when handling sensitive information, and interpreting xAPI data to make actionable decisions.

Another crucial element of this workshop will be networking opportunities. Attendees will meet other professionals who share their interests in educational technology, providing chances to build partnerships or collaborations that may yield innovative projects or solutions down the line.

One particularly exciting aspect is that participants will get hands-on experience with xAPI during the workshop. This practical application aims to help attendees feel confident in their ability to employ these concepts in their own projects post-conference.

Whether you’re already working with xAPI or just starting to explore its possibilities, the ATD xAPI Workshop presents an invaluable opportunity to upskill and stay at the forefront of educational technology trends.

After participating in this workshop, attendees should walk away with a stronger grasp of xAPI, empowered by knowledge and by community support from fellow innovators. With expert guidance from leading professionals in the field, they have the potential to transform their approach to learning design and truly make an impact within their organizations through advanced analytics and strategic implementation of training programs driven by xAPI-enabled insights.