Best Podcasts for Families Who Are Traveling

Family road trips are fun since you get to spend quality time with the kids away from your busy work schedule. However, when you travel for long hours, the earlier excitement tends to wear off, and the kids will get bored. Also, playing your favorite music on the in-car audio won’t help the situation. 

If you are going on a family road trip, you have a couple of entertainment options: play your kids’ favorite tunes, distract your kids with tablets or play a podcast. Since they’ll hardly appreciate your playlist and you’d rather avoid excessive screen time, you are better off using family-friendly podcasts. 

  1. The Unexplainable Disappearance Of Mars Patel

This award-winning podcast follows the real-life experiences of a group of middle-schoolers. Each episode is five hours and is ideal for longer trips. Your teenagers will enjoy listening to the adventures and even pick their favorite characters.

  1. The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd

This podcast has been on the airwaves for longer than others on this list, and you can trust the experience of this outstanding scientist. The episodes are about exciting science and history topics that you and your kids are sure to enjoy.

  1. StoryNory

Most podcasts are centered on the host interviewing a guest. However, most children won’t appreciate a long and sometimes boring conversation, especially if it’s about things they don’t understand. StoryNory, however, will keep them attentive because the podcast presents different fiction stories that are bound to excite them along the journey.

  1. Dream Big

Dream Big is the best one out there for inspirational content. The host Eva Karpman and her mother interview different celebrities and experts across various fields. Your child will enjoy listening to celebs and also learn about the keys to a successful life. The pair will also stimulate you to bond with your child even more while you’re traveling.

  1. But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids

As kids grow up, they have a ton of questions about every imaginable thing. Most times, they might ask something you have zero knowledge of, and you’ll be left fumbling. This is the best podcast to play while you are on the road when you don’t want to be blank before your child’s questions.

  1. TED Talks: Kids and Family

Everyone loves a good TED Talk because there’s so much we can learn in under half an hour talk session. Similarly, the TED Talks: Kids and Family podcast is tailored for kids and general family topics that’ll keep the whole gang entertained throughout the trip.

  1. Spare The Rock, Spoil The Child

Get ready to indulge your children in enjoyable and child-friendly conversation and plenty of fun rock & rock hits. There are weekly playlist releases so that you’ll always discover new music when you’re on the road.

The upside of podcasts is that they are a source of entertainment and education for your kids. Therefore, there is no reason for your kids to get exhausted or start squabbling before you reach your destination.