Useful YouTube Channels for Educators

YouTube exploded during the pandemic because more people were spending time at home. The platform is popular among content creators who develop multiple types of media for regular use. There is a wide variety of entertaining content from which you can learn different topics and practical skills. If you are an educator, you can leverage this next-gen tool to improve your teaching skills. Here are some helpful channels that you can consider.

  1. #Education

An ideal point to start looking for educative material on YouTube is this self-explanatory hashtag. The label gathers all the relevant material on multiple facets of education. You will find content tailored for students and educators on the channel. 

  1. Alice Keeler

Get ahead of your peers with Alice Keeler’s insights on the education sector. She is a Google Certified innovator with years of experience in her field. You will learn useful tips on how to organize your lessons and other facets of teaching in your classroom. 

  1. BBC Teach

Besides learning different teaching skills, educators can also find content on difficult classroom topics like math on different YouTube channels. While BBC teach is tailored for U.K. educators, most English-speaking consumers will appreciate the honest conversations about life in the classroom. Moreover, the channel teaches educators how they can handle sensitive subjects like Sex Ed.

  1. Common Sense Education

Technology is increasingly becoming a significant aspect of our daily lives. Our phones, for instance, can do more tasks and are practically pocket-sized offices. Moreover, these devices are highly distractive, especially among teenagers. Luckily, Common Sense Education helps educators relay useful insights to their students on technology. Teachers can explain the do’s and don’ts of technology, online safety, and how to handle interruptive tech.

  1. Edutopia

If you are a K-12 educator, you shouldn’t miss this channel because there are tons of material to go through on education. The channel has content to help you employ technology in your classroom, how to manage your students, and even functional teaching, methods like project-based learning. Moreover, you’ll learn the essence of discipline in the classroom ad how you can perpetuate the practice. 

  1. Google for Education

G Suite is a phenomenal space for office and academic work. There are multiple apps that make it easy to process various data forms under one roof. However, the multi-faceted approach used by G Suite can be hard to understand, and you should check out Google for Education. The channel has loads of useful tutorials that will help you make sense of the different programs used on G Suite. 

  1. Teacher Cast

Jeffrey Bradbury provides useful insights to educators in his YouTube podcast. You can listen to multiple interviews as Jeffrey talks to various industry leaders in the tech world and education sectors.Granted, technology is now taking an active role in the education sector. Therefore, educators should consider employing YouTube to learn new ways of managing the curriculum and disseminating their lessons.