Chartwells Higher Education Introduces Elevated “Supper Club” Dining Experiences on College Campuses

Chartwells Higher Education, a leading provider of food and dining services to colleges and universities, has announced the introduction of its new “Supper Club” dining experience on several campuses. This innovative concept offers a unique and elevated culinary experience for students, featuring a rotating menu of artisanal small plates, craft cocktails, and exceptional service.

The Supper Club concept is designed to transcend traditional college dining by offering a sophisticated and social atmosphere that appeals to students’ tastes and preferences. Each Supper Club location is curated to reflect the individual campus culture, incorporating local flavors, artisanal ingredients, and creative presentation.

The menu features a rotating selection of small plates, including globally-inspired dishes, comfort food, and creative twists on classic favorites. Some popular options include truffle mac and cheese, Korean BBQ tacos, and roasted vegetable skewers with whipped feta. The menu is carefully designed to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences, including vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan options.

To complement the menu, Chartwells has partnered with local craft breweries and specialty beverage companies to offer a selection of creative cocktails and craft beer. From classic Old Fashioneds to seasonal sangrias, the beverage program is designed to enhance the overall dining experience.

The Supper Club atmosphere is designed to be inviting and social, with comfortable seating areas and flexible dining arrangements. The space is perfect for group gatherings, dates, and even casual meetings with friends. The decor is modern and sleek, featuring reclaimed wood, exposed brick, and vibrant artwork.

“Chartwells is committed to redefining the college dining experience and providing students with memorable and enjoyable experiences,” said the company’s CEO. “The Supper Club is a natural fit for our campus communities, offering a unique and sophisticated atmosphere that sets us apart from traditional dining halls.”

The Supper Club is now available on several college campuses, with plans to expand to more locations in the coming months. For students seeking an elevated dining experience, the Supper Club is a must-visit destination.