Classroom Math Hacks You’re Going to Want to Try


Math can be a challenging and intimidating subject for some students, but with a few clever tricks and hacks, you can make learning math more enjoyable and simpler. In this article, we will explore some fun and engaging classroom math hacks that you’re going to want to try.

1. Finger Multiplication:

Teaching students the 9-times table can become a fun and straightforward experience with finger multiplication. Have your students put both hands on the table with their fingers spread out. To multiply by 9, they simply bend the finger corresponding to the number they want to multiply (for example, if they want to calculate 9 x 3, they bend their third finger). The remaining fingers on each side of the bent finger will tell them the final result (in this case, two fingers on the left and seven on the right give us 27).

2. Brain Break Games:

Incorporate brain break games into your math lessons to keep your students engaged and refreshed. One example is “Around the World.” In this game, two students compete against each other to answer a math question first. The winner moves on to challenge the next student, while the loser sits down. The goal is for the winning student to make their way around the whole class.

3. Math Songs and Chants:

Music has been proven to improve memory and comprehension; consider incorporating catchy songs or chants into your lessons that cover popular math topics such as times tables or fractions. This way, students will have a fun way of remembering essential math principles.

4. Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic (VAK) Approaches:

Many students are either visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners. Try adding visual prompts like number lines or interactive whiteboards; auditory cues like storytelling or rhymes; and kinesthetic methods like manipulatives or hands-on activities into your lessons to accommodate different learning styles.

5. Incorporate Fun Math Apps:

Integrating technology into your math lessons can gamify and engage students more. Research popular apps like Prodigy or Mathletics, which offer interactive, animated math lessons that are both educational and enjoyable.

6. Math Journals:

Encourage student reflection and practice by regularly incorporating math journals into your lessons. Allow students to take notes on the key concepts covered throughout the week, answer practice questions, and summarize their understanding of certain topics.

7. Collaborative Learning:

Foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration by regularly incorporating group activities such as problem-solving challenges, cooperative learning tasks, or peer tutoring. This approach not only helps students understand math concepts better but also improves their communication skills.


With these simple and effective classroom math hacks, your students will find learning math a more engaging and enjoyable experience. By blending creativity and variety into your teaching methods, you’ll make math more accessible and fun for all learners. So go ahead, give these hacks a try, and watch your students excel in this essential subject!