DIY Pool Noodle Multiplication for Your Classroom


Mathematics can sometimes be a difficult subject for students to grasp, especially when it comes to multiplication. Incorporating fun and engaging activities can help students better understand the concepts while also enjoying the learning process. One creative method to teach multiplication in your classroom is by using pool noodles. This DIY pool noodle multiplication activity is a hands-on, interactive way for students to practice their skills and enhance their learning experience.

Materials Needed

– Pool noodles (a variety of colors is recommended)

– Permanent marker

– Knife or scissors

– Ruler or measuring tape

Step 1: Cut the Pool Noodles

The first step in creating your DIY pool noodle multiplication tool is cutting the noodles into appropriate lengths. Each noodle will represent a specific number, so you’ll want to ensure that you have enough pieces for each number you plan on teaching. Using a ruler or measuring tape, measure and cut your pool noodles into sections that are roughly 1 to 2 inches in length.

Step 2: Mark the Numbers

Once you have cut your pool noodles into sections, use a permanent marker to label each piece with a number. You can either write the numbers directly on the flat surface created when you cut the noodles or use small stickers for easy removal and adjustment later on.

It’s essential to label both ends of each noodle piece with its corresponding number since students will be using these pieces to form multiplication equations visually.

Step 3: Organize the Noodle Pieces

Sort the numbered noodle pieces by value and color if you used various colors for differentiation. You can store them in separate containers, such as plastic bags or storage bins, making it easy for students to find and select the numbers they need when working on their multiplication activities. This will also make clean up and organization quick and simple.

Step 4: Implement the Pool Noodle Multiplication Activity

Now that your DIY pool noodle multiplication tool is ready, it’s time to introduce it to your students. Start by explaining how each noodle piece represents a number and demonstrate how they can arrange these pieces to create a multiplication equation.

For example, if they’re trying to solve 3 x 4, they can take three pieces labeled “4” and line them up side by side. This visually shows that 3 groups of 4 will equal 12. Students can then count the total number of sections to find the product.

You can also create fun challenges or group activities that encourage students to collaborate and use their pool noodles to solve multiplication problems. This will help them practice their skills while enjoying learning in a unique and engaging way.


Using pool noodles for multiplication activities is a creative, cost-effective way to help students better understand the concept of multiplication. DIY pool noodle multiplication tools offer an interactive learning experience that can be easily adapted for different age groups and skill levels. So grab some pool noodles and enjoy watching your students have fun while learning important mathematical concepts in your classroom!