Dr. Lawrence M. Drake II Named Interim President of Albany State University | Communications

Albany State University (ASU) has announced the appointment of Dr. Lawrence M. Drake II as its interim president, effective immediately. Dr. Drake brings a wealth of experience in higher education and leadership to ASU, ensuring a seamless transition during this period of leadership change.

Dr. Drake holds a distinguished record of service in academia and has previously held several key positions at various institutions. His expertise spans a range of areas including strategic planning, academic affairs, and community engagement, making him well-equipped to guide Albany State University through this transitional phase.

The university’s board expressed confidence in Dr. Drake’s ability to maintain the momentum of ongoing initiatives while fostering an environment of continued growth and excellence at ASU. Faculty, staff, and students alike have welcomed the appointment, anticipating positive impacts from Dr. Drake’s leadership.

In his new role as interim president, Dr. Drake has committed to upholding the university’s mission of providing high-quality education and supporting student success through innovative programs and services. He aims to build on ASU’s rich history and strong foundations while navigating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Dr. Lawrence M. Drake II’s appointment marks a promising new chapter for Albany State University as it continues its tradition of excellence in higher education under his interim presidency.