Earn 24-32 CE Credits as a Cognia Review Team Member


As a dedicated education professional, you’re constantly looking for ways to grow and improve your skills, so you can make a bigger impact on the students entrusted to your care. One of the best ways to enhance your understanding and stay current with the latest trends in education is by earning Continuing Education (CE) Credits. As a Cognia Review Team Member, you can earn 24-32 of these valuable CE Credits and become an even more exceptional educator.

The Benefits of Earning CE Credits through Cognia

When you choose to earn your CE Credits as a Cognia Review Team Member, you’ll access a multitude of benefits. These include:

1. Expanding Your Knowledge: The Cognia accreditation process allows you to learn about the latest best practices in education and bring those valuable insights back to your own institution. You’ll also gain exposure to innovative approaches from other schools in different regions or educational settings.

2. Building Your Network: Working with fellow professionals from various educational backgrounds provides an excellent opportunity to build your network and establish new connections. These relationships can lead to potential collaboration opportunities, job prospects, or simply provide new perspectives on common challenges educators face.

3. Personal and Professional Growth: The experience itself offers an exceptional opportunity for personal and professional growth, as you develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills while evaluating schools against the Cognia Performance Standards.

4. Adding Value to Your Institution: Becoming a Cognia Review Team member not only enhances your professional development but also brings valuable learning opportunities back to your school or district. Your newly acquired knowledge can lead to improvements in curriculum design, teacher practices, and overall school performance.

5. Recognition for Your Expertise: Earning 24-32 CE Credits as a Cognia Review Team Member demonstrates your commitment to ongoing professional growth and showcases your expertise outside of your daily responsibilities. This achievement can strengthen your resume and serve as evidence for future career opportunities.

How to Become a Cognia Review Team Member

To join the ranks of dedicated Cognia Review Team Members, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Cognia website and complete the online application to participate as a Review Team Member.

2. Attend the required orientation and training sessions provided by Cognia. These sessions will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to conduct a comprehensive review of educational institutions effectively.

3. Get matched with a review team, where you’ll work together to assess schools against the Cognia Performance Standards.

4. Participate in on-site or virtual visits, collaborate with fellow team members, analyze data, and provide feedback for continuous improvement to the schools you’re evaluating.

5. Complete your assigned reviews within the designated time frame and submit all required documentation.


As the education landscape continues to evolve, it’s essential for educators to stay at the forefront of their profession by participating in meaningful professional development activities. Earning 24-32 CE Credits as a Cognia Review Team Member is an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your knowledge, network with like-minded professionals, and boost your career growth.

Join this influential group of educators today and begin reaping the many rewards that come from contributing to accreditation evaluations for schools around the world.