Gov. Landry signs bill increasing his power, appoints new UL board chair • Louisiana Illuminator

In a move that significantly expands his authority, Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry has signed a bill granting him the power to directly appoint the leaders of over 100 state boards and commissions (Louisiana Illuminator). The bill, which was passed by the Louisiana Legislature, allows the governor to appoint the chairs of boards for which he already appoints the majority of the membership (Office of the Governor).

Gov. Landry wasted no time in exercising his newfound authority, immediately appointing Mark Romero as the new chair of the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors (Yahoo News). This appointment, along with the many others that are sure to follow, will give the governor significant influence over a wide range of state bodies, from education and healthcare to environmental regulation and economic development.

Supporters of the bill argue that it will increase efficiency and accountability in state government, allowing the governor to more effectively implement his policy agenda (Louisiana Illuminator). By appointing the leaders of state boards and commissions, Gov. Landry will be able to ensure that these bodies are aligned with his priorities and are working towards his goals.

Critics, on the other hand, express concern that the bill will lead to a concentration of power in the governor’s office, undermining the independence of state boards and commissions (Louisiana Illuminator). They argue that this could lead to a lack of diversity and dissenting voices on these bodies, potentially resulting in poor decision-making and a lack of accountability.

As Gov. Landry continues to make appointments under his newfound authority, the impact of this bill will become increasingly clear. While it has the potential to bring about greater efficiency and coherence in state government, it also raises important questions about the balance of power and the health of Louisiana’s democracy.