Have You Tried the Mystery Reward with Your Students Yet


If you’re an educator searching for a creative way to motivate your students, look no further! The Mystery Reward technique is a captivating method that uses suspense and excitement to keep students engaged and working hard in the classroom. In this article, we will discuss the concept of the Mystery Reward, its benefits, and how to implement it in your classroom.

What is a Mystery Reward?

A Mystery Reward is an unknown incentive that students can earn by achieving certain goals or displaying exceptional behavior. This unknown factor adds a sense of intrigue that has proven beneficial in keeping students engaged and motivated to work harder.

The Benefits of Using Mystery Rewards:

1. Increases engagement: The suspense of not knowing what reward awaits can pique students’ interest, making them more focused on the tasks at hand.

2. Enhances motivation: When students cannot predict the nature of the reward, they are more inclined to put in additional effort to attain it.

3. Encourages teamwork: Some Mystery Rewards may be group-based, which promotes collaboration among classmates.

4. Customizable: Teachers can personalize Mystery Rewards based on their class’s interests, making them adaptable to different age groups and educational settings.

How to Implement Mystery Rewards:

1. Determine goals or behaviors: Establish clear expectations that students need to meet to earn a Mystery Reward. These could include academic performance, class participation, respect for peers, or completion of tasks on time.

2. Design different types of rewards: To maintain intrigue, make sure you have various rewards at hand – from small trinkets or treats to special privileges such as extended recess or fun classroom activities.

3. Present the concept: Introduce the idea of Mystery Rewards to your students and explain how they can earn these hidden prizes by working hard and being responsible members of the classroom.

4. Display progress: Create a visible chart or board in the classroom to track students’ progress towards earning the Mystery Reward. This can help build excitement and make the process more transparent.

5. Reveal and deliver rewards: When a student or group has met the criteria, unveil the Mystery Reward and present it to them. Celebrate their hard work and remind the class about the importance of continued effort and engagement.


Mystery Rewards are a fun, innovative way to inspire your students to excel academically and behave responsibly in the classroom. By incorporating surprise incentives, you can foster an environment of curiosity, collaboration, and motivation among your students. Why not give it a try? You might be amazed by the extraordinary outcomes that unfold as a result of implementing this engaging technique in your class!