HBCUs face peril under proposed education plans

From President Obama to Hillary Clinton, both Democrats have or will face backlash for their plans to make education more affordable.

Sounds crazy on the surface but the criticism has merit.

According to The Huffington Post, Clinton’s education plan would undermine the funding of some HBCUs and would likely force a few to close.

“Free tuition to any community college and reduced tuition to public institutions, will expedite the extinction of several HBCUs. Without federal and state investment in public historically black campuses which lack unique programs, modernized facilities and marketing resources, students of all races will flock to larger, more developed predominantly white colleges.”

In essence, plans presented by Clinton and other candidates who lean left would take federal and state money used to aid HBCUs and refocus the dollars towards a general fund that will help schools that traditionally serve the general population.

Hypothetically, schools that aren’t necessarily in need of more federal assistance would receive extra dollars and some HBCUs would be left in the cold.

This is likely an unintended consequence of ensuring that more low-income students have proper access to higher education. In doing so, Clinton and other candidates may end up isolating a voting bloc that they desperately need.

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