Here’s what John Fry brings to Temple University as its expected next president

As Temple University prepares to welcome its new president, John Fry, the academic community is abuzz with excitement and anticipation. With a rich background in higher education and a proven track record of leadership, Fry is poised to bring a unique set of skills and perspectives to the institution.

Fry’s most recent stint as the president of Drexel University has been marked by significant growth and innovation, including the establishment of new academic programs and partnerships, as well as a major expansion of the university’s online offerings. His experience in navigating the complexities of urban academia, as well as his commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive campus environment, make him an ideal candidate to lead Temple University.

One of Fry’s key strengths is his ability to think creatively and outside the box. He has a reputation for being willing to take calculated risks and challenge the status quo, which has led to significant advancements in his previous roles. This innovative approach will likely be a welcome addition to Temple University, where a commitment to bold thinking and entrepreneurial spirit is already deeply ingrained.

Fry is also known for his strong connections to the Philadelphia community, where he has built relationships with local business leaders, civic officials, and community organizations. This network will be invaluable in his new role, where he will be working closely with stakeholders to advance Temple University’s goals and initiatives.

Throughout his career, Fry has been recognized for his leadership and vision, earning numerous awards and accolades for his work in higher education. As Temple University’s next president, he is expected to bring a fresh perspective, a deep understanding of the needs and challenges facing urban universities, and a commitment to excellence and student success. As the university prepares to welcome Fry, the community is eagerly anticipating the positive impact he will have on the institution and its students.