How Kids Can Use ‘Screen Time’

With modern technology, everyone is exposed to a smartphone, tablet, and even computer screens. However, some researchers suggest that having too much screen time is dangerous for our health and productivity. However, we cannot escape the use of digital screens, especially at home. Therefore, parents should focus on exploiting the monitors to benefit their kids. Here are some strategies to help children benefit from screen time.

Do Not Skip Quality Time With the Family

Technology has made communication so much easier. In previous years, you could only meet up with your relatives during the holidays. You could talk to them during the year but only through your home’s landline. Nowadays, however, you can video call and talk to your grandparents in real-time via Skype, Zoom, or Facetime. Therefore, make sure your kid gets to spend some time with them, even if it’s through a virtual meeting.


Modern devices have redefined the word convenience. You can do pretty much anything from ordering takeout to chatting up friends and even get some work done with modern devices. Moreover, the internet has given users unbounded freedom to say what they are thinking with minimal repercussions. 

Parents have a duty to create a model citizen out of their children, even in the virtual space. Even as they are constantly on their tablets, teach them the benefits of online etiquette. You can also guide them to have self-control and not get sucked into dopamine-fueled web pages like tabloids.

Games with a Positive Impact

Even if you restrict your kid’s screen time, they are bound to indulge in computer games. Children love to play games, whether real or virtual. Instead of fighting a losing battle, you can control which games they can play so that they can benefit from the challenges. Incorporate language games to contribute to their schoolwork or even strategy games to improve their critical thinking.

Cultivate Problem-Solving Skills

Children are always on a path to discovering new things. Their curiosity pushes them to question everything around them. Sometimes, you might not have the right answers to their questions, and you can then direct them to the internet. With your supervision, encourage them to explore the World Wide Web for answers to their questions. 

Consequently, your kids will frequently scour the internet whenever they face a challenge. Moreover, once they have had sufficient screen time doing their research, they’ll be able to pick out relevant solutions and sources for future use.

If you’ve looked up this topic online, you’ll realize how much conflicting information exists out there. It’s hard to decide whether screen time is bad for kids because that would mean that the common smart devices are equally harmful. Fortunately, you can guide your young ones as they use different smart devices and benefit from screen time.