How to Get a Record of Your AT&T Cell Phone Texts


In today’s digital world, maintaining a record of your text messages can be crucial. This could be for various reasons, including legal disputes, organizing work-related conversations, or simply keeping an archive of personal exchanges with friends and family. If you’re an AT&T customer wondering how to get a record of your cell phone texts, this article will guide you through the process.

Step 1: Understand AT&T’s Policy

The first thing you should know is that AT&T does not store copies of your text messages. The company retains text message details (such as the phone numbers involved and the date and time of the message) for up to seven years. However, the content of the messages is only kept for a few days.

Step 2: Accessing Basic Details

For basic information such as phone numbers and dates and times for text messages exchanged over the past couple of months, you can easily view them by logging into your online AT&T account.

1. Visit (AT&T’s official website)

2. Sign in to your account

3. Go to “Usage”

4. Scroll down until you see “Data,” where you’ll find a list of all phone numbers and dates associated with any text messages

Keep in mind that this is just a summary and does not provide the actual content of the messages.

Step 3: Retrieving Deleted Messages

If you’re looking for deleted messages or need access to the content within them, there are a few potential solutions:

1. Check Your Backup: Regularly backing up your phone can help in this situation. If you have backed up your cell phone to a cloud account or computer before deleting the messages, you may be able to recover them from that backup.

2. Use Third-Party Recovery Software: There are many third-party software options that can potentially help recover lost or deleted text messages. Search for a reputable software that is compatible with AT&T phones.

3. Contact Law Enforcement: In extreme cases, such as when text message records are necessary for legal matters, contacting law enforcement agencies or hiring a lawyer might help obtain the necessary records from AT&T through a court order.


Retrieving a record of your AT&T cell phone texts, especially their content, can be challenging due to AT&T’s limited retention policy. Therefore, it’s prudent to maintain regular backups and use reliable third-party recovery software to prevent potential data loss. Additionally, stay mindful of the reasons you need these records and act accordingly, keeping legal options in mind when necessary.