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Promoting dental health at an early age is important to establish good oral hygiene habits. Engaging preschoolers and kindergarteners in fun dental health activities can make learning about oral care enjoyable and beneficial. Here are 15 dental health activities that you can introduce to young children:

1. Toothbrush Painting: Give each child a toothbrush and allow them to create artwork using non-toxic paint, helping them become familiar with the brushing motion.

2. Flossing Activity: Use pipe cleaners and beads to create a simple flossing activity, demonstrating the importance of cleaning between teeth.

3. Playdough Teeth Mold: Provide playdough and small mirrors for children to create impressions of their teeth, observing their unique dentition.

4. Tooth Fairy Storytime: Share tooth fairy stories or have a guest “tooth fairy” come and read about dental health to the children.

5. Healthy Food Collage: Create a collage of healthy foods that are good for teeth, explaining the benefits of different foods for oral care.

6. Dental Office Dramatic Play: Set up a pretend dental office with props such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and dental masks for children to role-play as dentists and patients.

7. Brush Your Teeth Song: Sing songs about brushing teeth while encouraging children to practice proper toothbrush techniques.

8. Dentist Visit Puppet Show: Perform a puppet show that teaches children about what happens during a dentist visit and why it is important.

9. Cavity Experiment: Demonstrate how cavities develop by submerging eggs in various liquids (such as juice, soda, milk, and water) over time, showcasing their impact on tooth enamel.

10. Fluoride Demonstration: Highlight the benefits of fluoride toothpaste by comparing chalk soaked in water with chalk soaked in fluoride-containing water, observing the difference in erosion levels.

11. Toothpaste Tasting: Conduct a toothpaste tasting with various kinds of child-approved toothpaste, guiding children to choose their favorites.

12. Smile Crafts: Create different smile crafts, like making a beaded smiley face bracelet or decorating a paper plate with a big smile.

13. Brushing Teeth Timer: Make brushing teeth timers by filling small bottles with sand or colored rice and having children brush their teeth for the duration of the timer.

14. Dental Vocabulary Bingo: Create bingo cards with dental-related words such as cavity, toothbrush, floss, and dentist to teach children about dental care terminology.

15. Oral Health Sticker Charts: Provide children with stickers for successfully completing daily oral hygiene tasks such as brushing their teeth and flossing to help them learn responsibility for their dental health.


These engaging dental health activities for preschoolers and kindergarteners encourage curiosity and provide essential knowledge about good oral hygiene practices. By introducing these activities early on, you can contribute to building lifelong healthy habits and bright smiles for the children in your care.