McGrath Named President of Pacific Oaks College & Children’s School

Pacific Oaks College & Children’s School has announced the appointment of Dr. Patricia McGrath as its new president. McGrath brings a wealth of experience in education leadership and a deep commitment to the college’s mission of promoting social justice and equity.

Throughout her career, McGrath has demonstrated a passion for fostering inclusive learning environments and championing the potential of all students. Her leadership philosophy emphasizes collaboration, empathy, and the power of education as a catalyst for change.

As president, McGrath plans to build on Pacific Oaks’ legacy of innovation in early childhood education and social-emotional learning. She aims to strengthen partnerships with community organizations and expand programs that address the evolving needs of students and families.

McGrath’s appointment has been met with enthusiasm from the Pacific Oaks community. Faculty, staff, and students alike are inspired by her vision and look forward to collaborating with her to advance the college’s mission.

In her new role, McGrath will prioritize listening and learning, engaging with the community to understand its needs and aspirations. She believes in the collective wisdom of the Pacific Oaks family and is committed to leading with transparency and inclusivity.

The board of trustees praised McGrath’s qualifications and dedication to social justice education. They expressed confidence in her ability to navigate the challenges facing higher education and to position Pacific Oaks as a leader in its field.

As McGrath embarks on her presidency, she carries the support of the Pacific Oaks community. Together, they will work towards a future where education empowers all individuals to thrive and contribute to a more just and equitable world.

Dr. Patricia McGrath’s presidency marks an exciting new chapter for Pacific Oaks College & Children’s School. Her leadership will undoubtedly inspire continued growth and innovation, upholding the college’s commitment to social justice and the power of education to transform lives.