New Drury University president Jeff Frederick answers 13 questions

On a sunny day in Springfield, Missouri, we sat down with Jeff Frederick, the new president of Drury University. With an impressive track record in academia and a clear vision for the future of Drury, Jeff is poised to take the university to new heights. Here are 13 questions he graciously answered during our conversation:

1. What attracted you to Drury University?

   – The blend of liberal arts and professional studies at Drury aligns with my educational philosophy. It’s an institution with a rich history and a promising future.

2. What are your top priorities for your first year as president?

   – Strengthening community ties, enhancing student experience, and ensuring financial stability are my primary focuses.

3. How do you plan to engage with students on campus?

   – I aim to be visible and approachable, attending events, hosting open forums, and having regular office hours exclusively for students.

4. What strategies do you have in mind to improve academic programs?

   – We’ll assess current programs for relevance and rigor while exploring new interdisciplinary opportunities that cater to emerging job markets.

5. How will you address diversity and inclusion at Drury?

   – Creating a task force dedicated to diversity initiatives is essential. We’ll also promote inclusive hiring practices and provide support systems for underrepresented groups.

6. Can you share your thoughts on the role of technology in education?

   – Technology should be a tool that enhances learning without overshadowing the value of personal interaction and critical thinking skills.

7. What’s your vision for Drury’s relationship with the local community?

   – Building strong partnerships with local businesses and organizations is vital. Community involvement will be a cornerstone of our mission.

8. How do you see the future of liberal arts education?

   – It remains crucial in developing well-rounded individuals who are adaptable, think critically, and contribute meaningfully to society.

9. What steps will you take to ensure financial health for Drury University?

   – Diversifying revenue streams, prudent budgeting, and strategic fundraising will be paramount going forward.

10. What measures will you implement to support faculty research and development?

    – Increasing funding opportunities, encouraging interdisciplinary projects, and providing professional development resources are key priorities.

11. How do you envision athletics fitting into the broader university experience at Drury?

    – Athletics play a vital role in campus life by fostering school spirit, teaching teamwork, and promoting wellness.

12. Can you share any upcoming projects or initiatives we should look forward to?

    – We’re planning a comprehensive review of campus facilities to ensure they meet modern standards and enhance learning environments.

13. What legacy do you hope to leave at Drury University?

    – I hope my tenure leaves a lasting impact through strengthened community ties, improved academic programs, greater inclusivity, and an overall enriched campus experience for all.

Jeff Frederick’s passion for education and his commitment to student success shine through every answer he provides. His leadership marks an exciting chapter for Drury University as it navigates the future while honoring its storied past.