New MU vet school dean brings land-grant university experience

The University of Missouri has appointed a new dean to lead its renowned College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. [Dean’s Name], a distinguished veterinary educator and researcher, will bring extensive experience from land-grant universities to the role.

As a land-grant university itself, Mizzou has a strong mission to provide accessible education and conduct research that benefits the state and beyond. The College of Veterinary Medicine is a key part of this mission, offering top-ranked programs in veterinary medicine and producing graduates who serve the animal health needs of Missouri and the nation.

Dr. [Dean’s Name] comes to MU from [previous university], where they served as [previous role]. With a background in [specific area of veterinary medicine], Dr. [Dean’s Name] has a proven track record of [key accomplishments, such as curriculum development, research initiatives, and diversity and inclusion efforts].

As a product of the land-grant university system themselves, Dr. [Dean’s Name] deeply understands the importance of these institutions in providing affordable education and conducting practical research that addresses real-world problems. They are committed to upholding MU’s land-grant mission and further strengthening the College of Veterinary Medicine’s partnerships with the animal health industry, agricultural communities, and the people of Missouri.

One of Dr. [Dean’s Name]’s top priorities will be to [specific priority, such as expanding clinical programs, advancing research initiatives, or enhancing student opportunities]. They also plan to build on the college’s strong reputation for [area of strength, such as food animal medicine or comparative medicine].

Dr. [Dean’s Name] is excited to join the Mizzou family and contribute to the university’s mission. They look forward to working with faculty, staff, students, and stakeholders to advance veterinary education and research at MU.

The appointment of Dr. [Dean’s Name] as dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine demonstrates MU’s commitment to leadership and excellence in veterinary medicine. With their land-grant university experience and dedication to the college’s mission, Dr. [Dean’s Name] is well-positioned to lead the college to even greater heights in the years ahead.