Partnership between Monmouth, ROE focused on helping more students attend college

Monmouth College and Regional Office of Education (ROE) #33 have formed a partnership aimed at helping more students attend college. This collaborative effort highlights the shared commitment of both institutions to increase access to higher education and provide supportive pathways for students to succeed.

As an educational service provider, ROE #33 offers resources and opportunities to schools and communities, including programs for students who require alternative educational settings to thrive academically (source). By partnering with Monmouth College, ROE can leverage the college’s expertise in teacher preparation, educational counseling, and speech-language pathology to enhance its offerings (source).

The partnership between Monmouth and ROE exemplifies the power of collaboration in education. By pooling their resources and expertise, both institutions can create more robust, supportive programs that help a wider range of students access and succeed in college. This initiative serves as a model for how higher education institutions and regional education offices can work together to expand college access and improve outcomes for all students.