QUIZ: How Would You Do on a SAT Vocabulary Test


Are you confident in your vocabulary skills? Do you consider yourself a logophile or a sesquipedalian? The SAT is a standardized test widely used in the United States to measure college readiness. In this test, one of the most challenging and significant sections is the vocabulary section.

In this article, we’ve prepared a quiz to help you evaluate how well you would perform on the SAT vocabulary test. The questions are designed to test your knowledge of English vocabulary words that frequently appear on the exam. While reading, you can also learn new terms and expand your vocabulary.

1. The word “ameliorate” means:

a) Satisfy

b) Improve

c) Decorate

d) Harm

2. What does “ephemeral” mean?

a) Flooded with water

b) Short-lived

c) Wealthy

d) Stiff

3. Choose the word that best describes someone who is introverted:

a) Gregarious

b) Reticent

c) Audacious

d) Boisterous

4. An antiquated object is:

a) Rare and valuable

b) Old-fashioned or outdated

c) Small and insignificant

d) Made of glass

5. To “obfuscate” means:

a) To undergo change or development

b) To make something clearer or more evident

c) To obscure or confuse a topic or situation

d) To gain an insight into something

6. What does “loquacious” mean?

a) Clever and resourceful relating to speech or conversation

b) Talkative or chatty

c) Good at persuading people through compelling arguments

d) Deriving from two different sources or origins.

7. Which word best defines someone who is exhibiting stubbornness?

a) Obdurate

b) Despondent

c) Ardent

d) Malleable

8. The word “vituperate” means:

a) To praise highly

b) To nourish with vitamins and minerals

c) To criticize or blame harshly

d) To invite to one’s home

After you’ve completed the quiz, make sure to check your answers below, and take note of any new words learned. Remember, continuous practice is essential to improve vocabulary knowledge. So, keep challenging yourself with SAT vocabulary quizzes and word lists.

Answers: 1. b) Improve, 2. b) Short-lived, 3. b) Reticent, 4. b) Old-fashioned or outdated, 5. c) To obscure or confuse a topic or situation, 6. b) Talkative or chatty, 7. a) Obdurate, 8. c) To criticize or blame harshly