Recess Duty and 5 Other Moments Busy Teachers Should Prioritize

As a teacher, it can often feel like there are simply not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on your to-do list. Between lesson planning, grading, meetings, and actually teaching – managing your time can feel near impossible. In the hustle and bustle of a busy school day, it’s important to prioritize certain moments to ensure you’re using your time efficiently and effectively. Let’s discuss recess duty and five other moments that deserve special attention.

1. Recess Duty

Recess duty is one task that many teachers may overlook or wish they could avoid. However, this period of supervision is essential for children’s safety and well-being. Teachers should prioritize being present and fully engaged during this time by actively supervising students, intervening when necessary, and supporting positive relationships amongst their peers.

2. Morning Greetings

The first few minutes of the school day can set the tone for a productive day ahead. A warm greeting not only fosters feelings of belonging and security but also helps build positive relationships between teachers and students. Show interest in their lives, ask how they are doing, or share something fun or informative that happened recently.

3. Individual Student Check-ins

Checking in with students individually is essential for understanding not only their academic progress but also how they are feeling emotionally. By carving out a few minutes each day to connect with students on a personal level, you build trust and rapport, helping them feel more supported in the classroom.

4. Collaboration Time

Collaborating with colleagues positively impacts both student learning outcomes and overall job satisfaction. Block out regular time to meet with grade-level partners or special education teachers for co-planning, sharing resources, and discussing best practices. These meetings foster growth in teaching strategies as well as offer emotional support within the profession.

5. Mindful Moments

Prioritizing self-care is vital for avoiding burnout and maintaining overall well-being. Incorporate mindful moments into your daily schedule to recalibrate and refocus your energy. This can include five minutes of silent meditation, stepping outside for fresh air, or enjoying a cup of tea. Setting an example of self-care also positively impacts your students and encourages them to practice mindfulness.

6. Reflection Time

Reserve time at the end of each day to reflect on what went well, areas for improvement, and any patterns you may have observed among your students. This practice helps in refining lesson plans and strategies for future instruction based on student needs or observed challenges.

In conclusion, maintaining a busy teaching schedule requires a balance of prioritizing key moments throughout the day. Recess duty, morning greetings, individual student check-ins, collaboration time, mindful moments, and daily reflection are all essential parts of supporting both your students’ growth and your own well-being as an educator.