The Best Gifts For Artsy Kids, As Chosen By Teachers


Children with a strong passion for art have an innate gift in expressing themselves creatively. Encouraging their artistic talents is vital in helping them to develop their skills and build their self-confidence. Teachers who work with artsy kids on a daily basis have expert knowledge of what works best to keep them excited and engaged. To help you pick out the perfect presents for special occasions, here are the best gifts for artsy kids as recommended by teachers.

1. Art Sets

A comprehensive art set is a fantastic way to start a young artist’s collection. These kits typically include essential supplies such as sketch pads, colored pencils, watercolors, oil pastels, markers, and more. All will be organized neatly in a portable case for convenient storage and transport.

2. Easel

An adjustable easel enables kids to work on larger-scale projects and experiment with new techniques. This can provide them with the opportunity to explore different mediums such as acrylics or oils on canvas.

3. Sketchbooks

High-quality sketchbooks are essential for practicing and perfecting techniques, making them an excellent gift choice. Mixed media sketchbooks allow young artists to explore various styles and approaches without the fear of bleed-through or deteriorating pages.

4. Art Classes

Signing up your young artist for local art classes or workshops can be incredibly inspirational and rewarding. These courses provide access to skilled professionals who can offer guidance and support in developing their artistic talents further.

5. Craft Kits

Artsy kids love experimenting with different materials to create unique crafts. Gifted craft kits such as pottery-making sets, jewelry-making supplies, or embroidery equipment can encourage children to try new forms of art and discover hidden talents.

6. Art Books & Magazines

Introducing children to the world of professional artists can boost inspiration and motivation for budding creatives. Art books featuring famous works or how-to guides covering various styles and techniques can quickly become cherished possessions in their art library.

7. Personalized Art Supplies

An artsy child will appreciate having their very own personalized set of tools, such as a set of custom-engraved colored pencils or paintbrushes. This thoughtful touch adds a truly unique element to their artistic arsenal.

8. Digital Art Tools

For kids with an interest in the digital side of art, consider investing in a high-quality drawing tablet. Digital art allows them to master new skills like digital painting, illustration, and graphic design, which can open doors for future careers and hobbies.


Giving gifts that support a child’s artistic journey is crucial for nurturing their creative growth. By considering the suggestions of teachers who have experience working with artsy kids, you can confidently select presents that will inspire and delight your young artist for years to come.