The Best Ways to Fix a Computer Stuck on Restarting


Computers are an essential part of our daily lives, and when they encounter issues like being stuck on a restart loop, it can be incredibly frustrating. Thankfully, there are several solutions that can help you fix this problem. In this article, we will outline the best ways to troubleshoot and resolve a computer that is stuck on restarting.

Method 1: Force Shutdown and Restart

The first and most straightforward method you can try is force shutting down your computer and restarting it. To do this:

1. Press and hold the power button on your computer for 10-15 seconds until the device turns off.

2. Wait for around 30 seconds, then press the power button to restart your computer.

Method 2: Boot into Safe Mode

Booting into Safe Mode allows your system to load only the essential drivers and services, which may help you diagnose and resolve the restarting issue.

1. Restart your computer while clicking the “F8” key repeatedly before the Windows logo appears.

2. Select “Safe Mode” or “Safe Mode with Networking,” using your keyboard arrows, then press “Enter.”

Method 3: Run System File Checker (Windows)

System File Checker (SFC) is an in-built tool in Windows that scans for corrupted system files and attempts to repair them.

1. Launch Command Prompt as an administrator.

2. Type “sfc /scannow” (without quotes) and press Enter.

3. Wait for the process to complete before restarting your computer.

Method 4: Check for Hardware Issues

Hardware problems can sometimes cause a computer to be stuck in a restart loop. For example, the issue might occur due to faulty hardware such as RAM or hard drives. Disconnect any non-essential peripherals (e.g., printers, USB devices), then restart your PC.

Method 5: Update Device Drivers and BIOS

Updating your device drivers and BIOS can resolve issues caused by incompatible or outdated software.

1. Access Device Manager by right-clicking on the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

2. Update drivers for your hardware by right-clicking on the devices and selecting “Update driver.”

3. To update your BIOS, visit your computer manufacturer’s website, download the latest BIOS version, and follow their instructions.

Method 6: Perform a System Restore

System Restore allows you to revert your computer to an earlier working state.

1. Boot into Safe Mode as described in method 2.

2. Press Win + R, type “rstrui.exe” (without quotes), and press Enter.

3. Follow the instructions to choose a restore point and initiate the System Restore process.


A computer stuck on restarting can be a great inconvenience, but with these troubleshooting methods at your disposal, you should be able to resolve the issue in no time! Remember, if all else fails, consult a professional or your device’s support team to avoid causing more damage to your system.