The Ultimate Checklist for 4th Grade Classroom Supplies

As a teacher of a 4th-grade classroom, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all the necessary supplies required for you and your students to have a successful year. Fear not, for we have compiled the ultimate checklist for 4th grade classroom supplies that will cover all the bases and ensure efficient learning.

1. General Supplies:

– Pencils (No. 2)

– Erasers

– Sharpeners

– Pens (blue or black ink)

– Colored pencils and markers

– Crayons

– Highlighters (assorted colors)

– Dry erase markers (assorted colors)

– Glue sticks

– Scissors (safety scissors)

– Rulers (12 inches with metric and imperial measurements)

2. Paper Supplies:

– Loose-leaf paper (wide-ruled)

– Spiral notebooks

– Composition notebooks

– Graph paper (quadrille ruled for math activities)

– Construction paper (assorted colors)

– Index cards (3″ x 5″)

3. Art Supplies:

– Watercolor paints

– Paintbrushes

– Smocks or reusable paint shirts

– Modeling clay or playdough

4. Classroom Organizational Supplies:

– Pocket folders with brads

– Binders (1 inch, 3 rings)

– Binder dividers with tabs

– Sheet protectors

– Adhesive labels/stickers

5. Essential Teaching Supplies:

– Teacher’s planner and calendar

– Grade book or online grading system access

– Bulletin board materials (decorative borders, accent pieces, etc.)

– Classroom seating chart materials

6. Learning Aids:

– Flashcards (multiplication tables, vocabulary words, etc.)

– Educational posters (world and local maps, the periodic table, anatomy diagrams, etc.)

– Age-appropriate books for a classroom library

– Educational games and puzzles

– Practice workbooks for math, reading, and writing

– Manipulatives for hands-on learning (such as base-ten blocks)

7. Classroom Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies:

– Tissues

– Hand sanitizer

– Paper towels

– Disinfecting wipes

8. Technology:

– Computer or tablet

– Printer and ink cartridges

– Projector or SmartBoard

9. Miscellaneous:

– Stickers/awards for positive reinforcement

– Small prizes for incentives

– Timer or stopwatch

This comprehensive checklist covers most of the vital supplies needed in a 4th-grade classroom to promote an efficient, safe, and enjoyable learning experience. Be sure to go over it with your school’s administration and adjust based on specific needs. Now you can approach the school year confidently, knowing that you have all the essentials to ensure a successful year for both you and your students!