These 20 Dinosaur Activities and Crafts For Kids Are Totally Dino-mite

  1. Dinosaur Fossil Excavation: Use plaster of Paris to create dinosaur fossils, then let the kids excavate them like real paleontologists.
  2. Dino Egg Hunt: Hide plastic dinosaur eggs around the backyard or indoor space and let the kids hunt for them. They can crack open the eggs to reveal small dinosaur toys or treats inside.
  3. DIY Dinosaur Costume: Help the kids create their own dinosaur costumes using cardboard, paint, and other craft supplies. They can have a roaring good time pretending to be their favorite dinosaurs.
  4. Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin: Fill a sensory bin with sand or rice and bury small dinosaur toys inside. Provide tools like brushes and shovels for the kids to dig and discover the hidden treasures.
  5. Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft: Cut out a dinosaur shape from a paper plate and let the kids decorate it with paint, markers, or other materials. They can add details like teeth, spikes, and googly eyes to bring their dinosaurs to life.
  6. Dinosaur Footprint Art: Dip toy dinosaur feet in paint and let the kids stamp them onto paper to create dinosaur footprints. They can experiment with different colors and sizes to make a colorful collection of prints.
  7. Dinosaur Story Stones: Paint small rocks to resemble different types of dinosaurs. The kids can use them to retell their favorite dinosaur stories or create their own imaginative tales.
  8. Dinosaur Skeleton Puzzle: Print out a picture of a dinosaur skeleton and cut it into puzzle pieces. The kids can reconstruct the dinosaur by putting the pieces together like a puzzle.
  9. Salt Dough Fossils: Mix up a batch of salt dough and help the kids shape it into different dinosaur fossils. After baking and cooling, they can paint or decorate the fossils to make them look authentic.
  10. Dinosaur Sensory Bottles: Fill clear plastic bottles with water, glitter, and small dinosaur toys. Secure the lids tightly and let the kids shake and explore the sensory bottles.
  11. Dinosaur Origami: Teach the kids how to fold origami dinosaurs using colorful origami paper. They can create a whole army of paper dinosaurs to display or play with.
  12. Dinosaur Balloon Stomp: Inflate green balloons and attach dinosaur pictures or drawings to them. The kids can stomp on the balloons to pop them and reveal the hidden dinosaurs.
  13. Dinosaur Coloring Pages: Print out dinosaur coloring pages and provide crayons, markers, or colored pencils for the kids to bring the dinosaurs to life with their own artistic touches.
  14. Dinosaur Name Puzzles: Write the names of different dinosaurs on index cards and cut them into puzzle pieces. The kids can match the puzzle pieces to correctly spell out the dinosaur names.
  15. Dinosaur Playdough Mats: Create playdough mats with dinosaur outlines and let the kids use playdough to fill in the shapes. They can mold and shape the playdough to create their own dinosaur artwork.
  16. Dinosaur Mask Making: Provide templates or blank masks for the kids to transform into dinosaur masks. They can use paint, markers, or other embellishments to make their masks roar.
  17. Dinosaur Memory Game: Create a memory game by printing out pictures of different dinosaurs and their names. The kids can take turns flipping over cards to find matching pairs.
  18. Dinosaur Puppet Show: Help the kids make dinosaur puppets using paper bags or socks. They can put on a puppet show featuring their dinosaur characters and their own stories.
  19. Dinosaur Sticker Scenes: Provide dinosaur-themed sticker scenes and let the kids create their own prehistoric scenes using the stickers.
  20. Dinosaur Snack Time: Prepare dinosaur-themed snacks like dinosaur-shaped sandwiches, dinosaur footprint cookies, or fruit skewers with dinosaur-shaped cutouts. The kids can enjoy their dino-mite snacks while engaging in dinosaur-related activities.

These dinosaur activities and crafts will keep kids entertained for hours while encouraging creativity, imagination, and learning about these fascinating prehistoric creatures. Enjoy a roaring good time with these dino-mite ideas!