These Teachers Created A Petition To Stop Testing During COVID

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, many concerns have emerged about the efficacy of testing students in an unprecedented time of crisis. A group of dedicated and concerned teachers took a step forward by creating a petition to stop standardized testing during the pandemic, advocating for alternative approaches to measure student growth and achievements amidst these challenging times.

The petition, started by educators from various states in the United States, has quickly gained traction and support from fellow teachers, parents, and educational organizations. According to their claims, standardized testing during the pandemic puts immense pressure on both teachers and students, causing unnecessary stress while compromising quality education.

The Concerns Over Testing During the Pandemic

These educators argue that standardized testing for students during a global crisis is not only unfair but irrelevant given the current circumstances. With schools around the world forced to adapt to remote and hybrid learning models within a short timeframe, it is evident that these tests would not be indicative of students’ true potential.

Additionally, they point out that remote learning platforms have widened existing inequalities between low-income and affluent communities. Many low-income families lack stable internet connections and resources required to succeed in remote learning environments, further disadvantaging these already marginalized students.

Advocating for Alternative Assessment Methods

The petition calls for a suspension of all standardized tests nationwide until the pandemic is under control. Instead, they propose implementing alternative assessment methods that focus on each student’s individual progress within their unique learning context.

Educators behind this movement emphasize that assessments should be tailored in such a way that they help both teachers and students identify their strengths and weaknesses while providing meaningful feedback for growth. Potential alternatives include project-based assessments, portfolio reviews, progress reports, or even oral presentations conducted via video calls.

At its core, this petition seeks to prioritize the well-being and mental health of all students as they navigate through unprecedented times. Supporters believe that suspending high-stakes testing would help mitigate stress levels and allow students and teachers to focus on more critical aspects of learning during this challenging period.


The petition started by a passionate group of educators is a bold call to action for school districts and lawmakers to reconsider the importance of standardized testing amid COVID-19. By advocating for alternative assessment methods that are cognizant of the unique challenges students face, these teachers hope that the future of education can become more flexible, inclusive, and effective in promoting true learning and growth.