UMPI President comments on purchase of Houlton Higher Education Center

The University of Maine at Presque Isle (UMPI) President, Ray Rice, recently offered comments on the institution’s purchase of the Houlton Higher Education Center. President Rice emphasized the strategic importance of this acquisition in expanding UMPI’s educational reach and services to students in southern Aroostook County. He highlighted that the expansion is designed to better serve the community by providing accessible quality higher education and fostering local workforce development.

President Rice remarked, “This purchase represents a significant milestone in UMPI’s commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for all residents within our service area. By owning the Houlton Higher Education Center, we can ensure that our programs are more accessible to students who might not have otherwise pursued higher education due to geographical constraints.”

The acquisition is expected to bolster UMPI’s capacity to offer more diverse programs, support local industries, and create pathways for students to attain associate and bachelor’s degrees without the need for long-distance commuting. Additionally, Rice noted, “The purchase allows us greater flexibility in program delivery and facility upgrades tailored exactly to our students’ needs.”

President Rice also expressed appreciation for the support received from local stakeholders and lawmakers who recognized the value that this acquisition would bring to their communities. He concluded his remarks by reiterating UMPI’s mission to provide valuable educational resources and by expressing optimism about future developments spurred by this new initiative.