Useful YouTube Channels for Pre- K lessons

For Pre-k teachers, keeping students engaged can prove to be a herculean task. Despite classes leaning more towards the traditional environment, it’s important to recognize the significance of music, play, and interaction in Pre-k classes. Luckily, there is a host of valuable YouTube channels to help teachers boost their Pre-k classroom lessons.

Super Simple Song

Learning music can be greatly beneficial to kids, from learning new concepts to becoming more socially aware. So, a music-based channel like Super Simple Song can be an invaluable resource in a pre-k classroom. The channel incorporates some originals as well as traditional nursery rhymes to help kids learn.

Lots to Learn Preschool Videos

While still a relatively small channel, lots to learn offers a different twist in videos that addresses kids’ emotional growth. The channel covers the concept of mindfulness, especially in regards to nature; they also have other mainstream content for kids. If you want to look into mindfulness in the classroom, then definitely check out this channel.

Teeter Taught animation

With its fun computer-animated videos, teeter taught offers a fresh approach from simply repeating letters and numbers. For instance, one of their videos teaching counting from 1 to 10 shows a giant set of teeth crushing down lollipops. This channel truly offers an interesting approach to pre-k learning. 

Peekaboo Kidz

Starring Dr. Binocs, the channel is meant to answer many of the questions concerning young kids. The videos are excellent to incorporate into your lesson plan when the kids need a break from all the counting. It also features animated videos and songs to help your kids in other learning areas.


The creator of the channel, Stevin John, plays Blippi, a video personality in a channel with over 2.5 million subscribers. It features live-action videos that teach simple concepts like numbers, letters, and colors. The videos are an excellent choice to incorporate into your lessons.  

Learn Colors TV

This animated channel features a yellow elephant named Bru. The story-based videos draw students in as they learn about the characters. The videos are great for getting pre-k students to have conversations on concepts like friendship and fear.


GoNoodle leverages the influence of hip hop and pop culture in its videos. The channel is exceptional for getting kids singing, dancing, and drawing.

Nicole Hind 

Being a preschool teacher herself, Nicole shares invaluable insights into lesson planning and preschool curriculum. Her videos offer lots of encouragement for educators. If you’re looking for ideas for planning and organizing lessons, Ms. Hind is your go-to.

Patty Shukla Kids TV

The charming creator, Patty Shulka, makes videos for kids of all ages centered on reading and math. However, her most famous videos are aimed at pre-k kids and focus on action words.

eHow Education 

eHow education has a dedicated playlist for preschool educators showcasing tips and tricks to help with classroom lessons. It also includes full lesson plans and ideas on keeping discipline.

YouTube can be an invaluable resource in a Pre-k classroom. Whether you wish to relay information in a fresh way or are interested in lesson plans, these channels are guaranteed to help out.