Useful YouTube Channels To Improve Elementary Classroom Lessons

For an elementary school teacher, there is a myriad of challenges that come with the job. Sometimes, it is difficult to hold the students‘ attention for long stretches, and other times they just need a break from the typical class routine. With more schools embracing tech in the classroom, it’s imperative to model prudent internet use for educational purposes. If you’re looking for novel ways to spice up your elementary class, these 10 YouTube channels might just be what you need.


While most TED talks are geared towards adults, the channel has created content that is suitable for a younger audience. With interesting topics, riddles, and brain games, this channel is a sure way to improve the student experience.

National Geographic Kids

Since this channel is connected to the well-established National Geographic brand, its content is expertly produced. It features short videos with high-quality footage; this makes it easy to incorporate them into your lesson without compromising what you had planned. Kids can also learn fun facts, like how to celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights. 

Free School 

The channel features a variety of content on places, people, and things. The editing and narration are top-notch and even anticipate questions that the viewers may have. With videos on geology, history, and biographies of significant figures, this channel can be very significant in the classroom. 

Smithsonian Channel

Named after the Smithsonian Museum of National History, this channel focuses on world history and nature. With interesting videos and clear explanations, it’s a perfect way to improve student engagement.


The channel’s primary focus is on art, culture, and philosophy. Soulpancake is all about encouraging metacognition in ways that kids can understand through wholesome videos. 

Kids Learning Tube

This amazing channel takes on a musical approach to learning. For instance, making a song out of the “Elements of the Periodic Table” to help students memorize factual information.

WordWorld PBS

If your main objective in the classroom is to read languages, then this channel can easily be your close ally. With its fun animated content, the channel boasts that your students can watch words come alive, a perfect choice for the elementary school classroom.

Homeschool Pop

The videos on this channel can entertain and spike interest during lessons, even if you aren’t a homeschooler. What makes the channel stand out is how they organize their videos into playlists according to grade and subject; this makes it easier to find what is relevant to you. The information is nicely structured, so you know what to approach next, which is a big plus.

Smart Girls

The channel showcases inspiring stories of outstanding women whose achievements are an inspiration to both girls and boys. So don’t be deterred by its gender-exclusive title.

YouTube can be an invaluable resource in the elementary school classroom. Not only does it give the students added information, but it also helps you structure the lesson in an entertaining manner without you feeling like you’re wasting time. These ten channels can definitely come in handy as you strive to enhance elementary classroom lessons.