Useful YouTube Channels To Improve High School Classroom Lessons

Most students are accustomed to using technology by the time they reach high school. From online gaming social media to chatting with friends, technology is almost a no-brainer for most teenagers. Check out these useful YouTube channels to help improve your high school class lessons.

The School of Life

The school of life is primarily a humanities-focused channel, with a wealth of information on history, literature, psychology, and interestingly pop culture. The animations are done in a pseudo manner, which is excellent for holding students’ attention while conveying crucial real-world issues.


If you’re a math educator, the chances are that Numberphile is going to rock your world. The channel has a way of taking interesting math concepts and making them more relatable. This will help your students realize just how important math is in the real world.

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is perhaps one of the most renowned YouTube channels focusing on high school lessons. The channel has free lessons and exercises touching on different subjects and even includes test preps. Not only can educators use some of the videos to teach new concepts, but they can also help students on their own with academic tasks. The channel is truly an invaluable resource.


Math and music are the main themes at Vihart. With animated videos that are fun and engaging to watch, your students will be more inclined to pay attention. The concepts are just a tad bit complicated to make sure the students learn something. And to top it off, some real-world applications to add some jest to the ideas.


As teenagers are finding their way to adulthood, it is important for them to know about the world around them. DNews offers a host of interesting news headlines with stories updated on a daily basis. This can be a perfect break from everyday learning.

Big Think

Big Think is a prolific channel that helps students comprehend the importance of science, math, and philosophy in real life. The videos can help students answer the ever-nagging question of “where am I going to use this?” With various prominent figures taking on different subjects, this channel is a treasure trove of resources for any high school classroom.


Don’t mind the unique name; this channel was created by a real-life scientist. Derek Muller helps students understand the crux of various scientific topics by conducting experiments and interviewing experts in different fields.

Real Rap with Reynolds 

In this channel, Mr. Reynolds takes a dive into the actual challenges that come with teaching high scholars. His videos on classroom management and discipline give some great information to help your lesson go according to plan.


The channel hosts a collection of videos from master educators teaching concepts on a whiteboard. The channel is pretty versatile as it can be used by both educators and students to enhance learning. 

Crash Course 

The channel produces animated videos on a variety of topics ranging from history, literature, government, and science. Due to its popularity, it even features lesson plans created by top-notch educators.

For high school educators, it’s important to show your students that you understand the world they live in. incorporating YouTube in the classroom is a great way to make learning fun and engaging and also gives you an advantage in planning your lesson. Hopefully, the above YouTube channels will help you nurture those teenage minds.