What Questions Should I Include on My Student Classroom Surveys?


Student classroom surveys are an essential tool for teachers to gauge the effectiveness of their teaching methods and gather feedback that can be used to improve the learning experience. They provide valuable insights on students’ level of engagement, understanding, and satisfaction in the classroom. But what questions should you include to ensure that you obtain accurate and actionable information from your surveys? Here are some questions to consider.

1. Learning Environment Questions

– How comfortable do you feel in the classroom, both physically and emotionally?

– Is the classroom well-equipped for effective learning?

– Are there sufficient resources available (e.g., books, technology) to support your learning?

2. Course Content Questions

– Is the course content relevant and interesting to you?

– Do you find the course material presented at a reasonable pace?

– How well do you understand the concepts being taught?

3. Teaching Method Questions

– Are the instructional methods used in class effective for your learning style?

– Are the teacher’s explanations clear and easy to understand?

– In what ways could the teacher change their teaching style to better suit your learning needs?

4. Assessment and Grading Questions

– Do you feel that assessments fairly measure your understanding of the course material?

– How useful is the feedback provided by your teacher on assignments and tests?

– What changes could be made to improve how assessments are conducted?

5. Classroom Engagement Questions

– How engaged do you feel during class discussions or group work activities?

– Are there opportunities for you to ask questions or seek clarification during class?

– What strategies do you think could increase overall student engagement in class?

6. Teacher Interaction Questions

– How approachable is your teacher when you need help or have concerns about an assignment or concept?

– Are they open to receiving feedback from students about their own teaching methods or class experiences?

– What could be done to better facilitate communication between you and your teacher?

7. Time Management Questions

– Do you feel that you have adequate time to complete assignments and study for tests?

– Are the due dates for assignments and tests clearly communicated in advance?

– What strategies could be implemented to help students better manage their time within the course?


Including these questions on your student classroom surveys can provide valuable insights into your students’ perspectives on their learning experiences. Take the time to analyze the responses and identify areas for improvement to ensure that you are providing the best possible education for your students. Remember, surveys should be anonymous and conducted regularly to adapt as needed throughout the school year.