When is the Best Time to Find a Teaching Job


The teaching profession is highly rewarding and fulfilling. However, like any other career path, timing is crucial in securing a teaching position. Knowing the best time to find a teaching job can increase your chances of landing your dream role. In this article, we will explore the timeline of the hiring process in schools and determine when to start searching for a new teaching job.

Peak Hiring Season

For many schools, the peak hiring season falls between April and June. This period is ideal for finding a teaching job because school administrations are aware of their staffing needs for the upcoming academic year and have budgets approved for new hires. Additionally, teachers who plan to retire or resign typically submit their resignation letters during this time, leaving more open positions available for potential candidates.

Begin Your Search Early

While the peak hiring season occurs in spring, it’s advisable to begin your job search early in the year, around January or February. By starting early, you can get a head start on preparing your resume and gathering necessary documents, such as certifications and recommendations. You also have more time to research schools you are interested in and tailor your application materials accordingly.

Job Opportunities During Fall and Winter

Although spring is considered the best time to find a teaching job, there will still be openings throughout fall and winter due to last-minute resignations, unexpected budget changes, or unanticipated enrollment fluctuations. While job availability may be lower during these months, competition for these positions may also be less intense.

Consider Long-Term Substitute Positions

If you haven’t found a position by late summer or early fall, consider applying for long-term substitute assignments. These positions can last several weeks or months and often lead to full-time teaching opportunities if an opening arises within the school during your tenure as a substitute.

Teaching Abroad

If you’re open to working internationally, teaching overseas holds different timelines than domestic schools. International teaching job fairs usually take place between January and March, with hiring occurring from February through May. International schools follow a different academic calendar, so adapt your search accordingly if you’re interested in broadening your horizons.


While the best time to find a teaching job is typically between April and June, it’s important to note that opportunities arise throughout the year. By beginning your search early and remaining open to various types of positions, you can increase your chances of landing a fantastic teaching role that suits your skills and preferences. Stay flexible, persistent, and proactive in your job search, and remember that securing the perfect teaching position is an investment in your future career success.