Central College creates two new dean positions • Iowa Capital Dispatch

Central College has announced the creation of two new dean positions as part of its commitment to enhancing academic leadership and administrative efficiency. These roles will focus on distinct academic areas to provide more specialized oversight and strategic direction.

The first new position is the Dean of Health Sciences, a role that recognizes the growing importance of health-related fields in both education and the job market. This dean will oversee programs related to nursing, public health, exercise science, and other health-related disciplines. By creating this position, Central College aims to bolster its health sciences curriculum and support students in these increasingly critical areas of study.

The second new role is the Dean of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). This position will consolidate leadership for Central College’s STEM departments, fostering greater collaboration across these interconnected fields. The Dean of STEM will guide efforts to enhance educational offerings, support faculty research, and seek out partnerships with industry leaders to provide students with cutting-edge learning opportunities.

Both new dean positions are part of Central College’s broader strategy to adapt to changing educational needs and better serve its student population. The college’s administration believes that these targeted leadership roles will help drive innovation within their respective fields, ensuring that Central College continues to offer relevant and rigorous academic programs.

Central College President highlighted that these appointments demonstrate the institution’s dedication to evolving alongside the landscape of higher education. By focusing keenly on health sciences and STEM, Central College is positioning itself as a leader in preparing students for future challenges and careers.