Maine news outlets boost hazing prevention summit, research

In an effort to combat hazing, Maine news outlets are highlighting a national summit and research focused on prevention. The summit, organized by StopHazing, brings together experts and educators to share strategies for creating safe and inclusive environments free from hazing.

StopHazing was founded by Elizabeth Allan, a professor of higher education at the University of Maine and a leading researcher on hazing prevention. Allan’s work, collaborated on with researchers from other institutions, aims to better understand the complexities of hazing and develop effective prevention approaches.

The annual summit, held by StopHazing, provides a critical platform for sharing knowledge and best practices in hazing prevention. By boosting awareness of the summit and its findings, Maine news outlets play a vital role in supporting these efforts.

Meredith Steward, operations manager at StopHazing, witnessed hazing firsthand in college and now dedicates her work to protecting students. Her story underscores the lasting impact of hazing and the urgency of prevention work.

As Maine news outlets continue to amplify the important work of the hazing prevention summit and research, they help ensure that colleges and communities across the state have the tools and knowledge needed to create safer, more supportive environments for all students.