California transfer students achieve degree completion through ASU | ASU News

In fall 2023, 2,100 transfer students from California joined Arizona State University (ASU), furthering their education and advancing their degree completion. ASU’s commitment to transfer student success provides a pathway for California students to achieve their higher education goals.

ASU accepts transfer credits from regionally accredited colleges and universities, streamlining the transfer process. The university’s MyPath2ASU program offers a guided pathway for transfer students, ensuring they can maximize their credits and complete their degrees efficiently.

For California students who have completed an associate degree with a minimum GPA, ASU provides a direct admission pathway. This aligns with efforts to strengthen the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT), which guarantees admission to a four-year institution.

ASU’s transfer-friendly approach has made it a viable option for California students seeking to complete their bachelor’s degrees. With ASU’s online and in-person programs, California transfer students can find a learning format that fits their needs.

Through its commitment to transfer student success, ASU is helping California students achieve their higher education goals and complete their degrees. As one prospective transfer student noted, ASU Online offers a strong option for California students seeking to transition their education.

By providing clear transfer pathways and accepting credits from regionally accredited institutions, ASU is making degree completion accessible for California transfer students. As more California students take advantage of ASU’s transfer programs, they will be able to complete their degrees and achieve their higher education goals.