Sacramento State Recognized as First Black-Serving Institution in California

In a significant milestone for higher education equity, Sacramento State has been recognized as the first Black-Serving Institution (BSI) in California. This designation, granted by the California State Assembly, affirms the university’s commitment to serving its diverse student body.

As a BSI, Sacramento State has demonstrated a dedication to boosting Black student enrollment and graduation rates. The university’s efforts have made it a leader in supporting the success of Black students in California.

The BSI designation is a testament to Sacramento State’s long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion. The university has established programs and initiatives aimed at supporting Black students, including the nation’s first-ever Black Honors College.

Sacramento State’s recognition as a BSI has been honored by the California State Assembly, Sacramento County, and the city of Sacramento. This collective recognition underscores the university’s role as a leader in serving Black students in California.

As the first BSI in California, Sacramento State is setting a precedent for other institutions in the state. The university’s commitment to supporting Black student success serves as a model for how higher education institutions can better serve diverse student populations.

Sacramento State’s BSI designation is a significant step forward for equity in California higher education. By recognizing the university’s dedication to serving Black students, the state is affirming the importance of institutions that prioritize the success of students of color. As Sacramento State continues to implement programs and initiatives supporting Black students, it will remain a leader in advancing equity in higher education.