Survey: Coloradans worry about college costs – but are mistaken about the amounts

A recent survey of Coloradans found widespread concern about the rising cost of higher education. However, the survey also revealed a significant gap between perceptions of college costs and the actual figures.

The survey, conducted by the non-profit organization CollegeInColorado, found that a majority of respondents believed the cost of attending a public four-year college in Colorado exceeded $20,000 per year. However, the actual in-state tuition at most public universities in the state is less than $12,000 annually.

This misconception has important implications for how families plan and save for higher education expenses. If students and their families assume college costs are prohibitively high, they may be deterred from pursuing post-secondary education or may take on excessive debt to cover perceived expenses.

The survey results highlight the need for better information and transparency about the true costs of attending college in Colorado. By providing accurate and clear data, institutions and organizations can help families make informed decisions about how to afford higher education.

The survey also underscores the importance of promoting awareness about the availability of financial aid and scholarships. Many students who assume college is unaffordable may qualify for significant grant and scholarship funding to help offset costs.

While concern about rising college costs is certainly warranted, the survey suggests that misconceptions about the actual figures may be creating unnecessary barriers for some students. By improving transparency and awareness, we can work towards making higher education more accessible and affordable for all Coloradans.

The findings of the CollegeInColorado survey serve as a call to action for educators, policymakers, and families. We must work together to provide accurate information, promote awareness about financial aid, and develop solutions to make higher education more affordable. Only by addressing both the perception and reality of college costs can we ensure that all students have the opportunity to pursue their post-secondary goals.