University of Delaware Board approves tuition increase

The University of Delaware Board of Trustees has approved a tuition increase for the upcoming academic year. The board’s decision was made after careful consideration of the university’s budget needs and the impact on students and families.

The approved increase amounts to a 3.7% rise in tuition for in-state students and a 2.7% increase for out-of-state students. This change will result in an additional $330 in tuition costs for Delaware residents and an extra $840 for non-residents annually.

University officials cited rising costs and inflationary pressures as factors necessitating the tuition increase. Despite the hike, the university remains committed to providing a high-quality education at a competitive price compared to peer institutions.

The board’s decision also included measures to offset the impact of the tuition increase on students. The university will increase its financial aid budget to help mitigate the additional costs for those with demonstrated need.

While the tuition increase may pose a challenge for some families, the university is dedicated to ensuring affordability. Alongside increased financial aid, the university will continue to offer scholarships, payment plans, and other forms of assistance to help students manage costs.

The board’s approval of the tuition increase is a step towards maintaining the university’s academic excellence and operational needs. However, the university recognizes the importance of keeping higher education affordable and remains committed to supporting students and families through various forms of aid and assistance.

The tuition increase will take effect at the start of the upcoming academic year. Current and prospective students and their families are encouraged to reach out to the university’s financial aid office to discuss available options and plan for the additional costs.

While the approved tuition increase is necessary for the university’s operations, the institution remains dedicated to providing a valuable and affordable education. Through a combination of increased financial aid, scholarships, and other forms of support, the university aims to make a UD education accessible for all admitted students, regardless of their financial circumstances.