Want free college? Then these two states may be good for you

The cost of college seems to be on the tips of tongues everywhere now. From members of the United States Senate to conversation overheard in church pews, tuition for entrance into an institution of higher education is now officially a hot button topic. Expect to see it discussed pretty heatedly in the upcoming Presidential election with all sorts of ideas on the docket.

Until then, there are some states making waves with their own plans to improve the cost of college for residents. To combat the rising cost of college, and maybe to appear more progressive, two states will offer free tuition to community college. Tennessee began to offer free tuition to community colleges last year and Oregon recently passed a bill that will do the same for students who reside in the state.

“This past week Oregon joined Tennessee when its Senate passed Senate Bill 81, also known as the Oregon Promise, to offer a free education at community college to eligible in-state students,” according to fool.com.

By the way, fool.com is short for The Motley Fool, an investment website.

Anyway, this comes behind President Obama’s proposal to offer free tuition to community college for any American citizen that may have interest. Of course that comes with limitations and rules but you get the idea.

So maybe Oregon and Tennessee were in front of Obama’s idea.

At any rate, hopefully more states will follow Oregon and Tennessee’s lead. Community college is a great way for any student to start a college “career,” and it’s also cost effective. Bravo to these states for setting a good example on both coasts.

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